That’s just weird

What started as a wholesome family activity one sunny Saturday afternoon* with an enthusiastically proposed¬†‘Let’s make some jam tarts!’


Turned into something rather less ‘enjoyable hour of family fun’ and more ‘gigantic sticky pain in the ass’.

Being an overdramatic, pre-menstrual witch on said sunny Saturday** probably didn’t stand me in good stead; when after carefully guiding Miss E’s gloriously chubby digits, and the spoonfuls of delightfully sugery fruit preserve*** into the precisely rolled and lovingly cut cases of pastry; mummy managed to fling the entire tray full onto the kitchen floor, just inches away from their preheated destiny.

Despite the red mist, photographic evidence was of course required, so photo moment there was.


Days later when Miss E pipes up ‘What mummy do?’

I looked at her with a furrowed brow ‘when sweetheart, what do you mean?’

‘On the kitchen floor’ she replies

‘Oh’ said mummy ‘mummy dropped the jam tarts on the floor didn’t I!’

Cue Miss E’s confused face ‘no, after that’

‘I don’t know what you mean darling’

‘Why you take a picture?’

Mummy laughs ‘Oh! Because it was funny****’

Miss E’s wise response … ‘Thats just weird’ {toddles off confounded}

*an hours worth of something, anything, to distract the tiring two year old from her 3pm breakdown
**said with a big cheesy smile and a glint in my eye
***after she’d tried to shove her fingers in and scoop handfuls of the irresistable sticky stuff to thrust into her tiny chops at the speed of light
****for three seconds

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Right, I’m off to check out this weeks other funee’s, you coming?!

Wot So Funee?

Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu!

So yesterday I was awoken by a… TWO year old!

My baby girl disappeared over night and was replaced by an uber grown up small person, with wit sharp enough to slice a room in two.

We came down to paper chains hanging, a sea of balloons and of course, a present or two!

With a carpet of a few inches of compacted snow already laid, and a steady stream still falling, we were worried that some of our family may not make it to the birthday tea party we had planned for mid morning. But, despite Old Jack Frost’s best efforts, everyone made it to drop of cards, presents and huge birthday hugs and kisses.


Most people managed to stay for a spot of super healthy* party food and a slice of birthday cake {pretty feckin amazing birthday cake even if I do say so myself**}


Following a refuel, it was time to crack on with exploring the new toys. Play Doh seemed to be a pretty popular present for this birthday, with loads of tubs and a bucket full of accessories to go with it! Great fun until it comes to picking all the bits out the crevices before it goes crusty, or gets trodden into the carpet {joys of parenthood eh!}


Once the troops had departed, layered up to the hilt and armed with shovels to dig cars out of the relentlessly falling snow, it was time to get knee deep in the sparkly white stuff…




The piece de resistance was the Mr’s snow creation, the all time toddler favourite*** none other than… Mr. Iggle. Piggle.****


Happy 2nd Birthday, my beautiful {not so} baby girl. Here’s to another year of laughter, smiles and moments of amazement.

* if you don’t count the pizza & sausage rolls
** had visions of a crumbled pile of E numbers
*** second to Peppa Pig obv.
**** although when night fell, more closely resembled Texas Chainsaw’s Leather Face {shudder}