More than one direction?

Am I having an early mid-life crisis? Or does absence in fact, give you the opportunity to view things in a new light?

I am talking work ladies and gentlemen, or careers if you like.

You’ll see from this post here that I have never been particularly ambitious… Simply happy to do the job to the best of my ability and enjoy my wages at the end of each month!

Since leaving work to have Miss E two and a half years ago I have thought often about what I will do when I return to permanent work, and the more recently I have thought about it, the more reluctance I have to return to the industry I know and (used) to love; Marketing.

I don’t know if it’s my age, the introduction of my very own small person to the world, the fact that I have been away from work and now see things in a new light (or perhaps a new perspective) or a combination of all these things … But I feel I need to change direction in my life, do something that has more meaning, makes a difference (and not just to P&L).

The problem is, in which direction do I go?!

I have never known what I wanted to do work wise, I fell into marketing and enjoyed it so stayed. I envy those people who know what they want to do, get there and love it, I feel a bit like a hobo of the professional world, wondering aimlessly just chasing the next meal!

Where do we go as 30 something’s for careers advice?

Will us professional hobos ever know what we want to do?

Am I brave enough to venture into a daunting new world, to potentially embark on education again and study for qualifications that will open up a whole set of new doors, at this stage of my life?

Am I crazy for even thinking I can change direction?


Scholl Express Pedi

My feet are not the prettiest believe me, so this glorious weather fills me with a small amount of dread in terms of exposing the trotters.

In my pre-motherhood life, my ugly hard coated hobbit feet would take a trip into the beauty therapist during lunch hour, and 20 minutes {and £30} later, would emerge beautifully soft, smooth, shiny toed tootsies! However, as a stay at home mum, money for such luxuries is now not so accessible.

As we finally welcomed summer into our grey and miserable skies, I decided it was time to take action! So… having bought in to Scholl’s recent TV ad campaign {I should know better as an experienced marketer, tut tut} off I trot to old faithful Boots the chemist to acquire myself a shiny new Scholl Express Pedi

I have to say, the 90% of 125 Cosmo readers surveyed were absolutely spot on, this handheld battery powered foot sander {Scholl should get me on board for their next campaign, I have such a way with words} was in fact, pretty darn amazing. A few minutes of buffing and one could be forgiven for thinking I had in fact ‘just stepped out of a salon’ {hang on, wasn’t that Loreal… Or was it Pantene? Anyway}

However my lovely readers, both of you… Take note. The Scholl Express Pedi should come with a warning.

Silky smooth, freshly express pedi’d bare feet do not behave as well on carpeted stairs so beware, descend at an appropriate pace or you may well end up on your arse

*rubs butt cheek whilst looking sorry for herself*