Miss E *points to pop bottle * – you see that, one day that will have wings and it will go ‘weeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ when it flies in the sky

Me – eeeerm, ok then?!

Perhaps all this sun has gone to her head!


A big girl bedroom!

Long story short, we moved into this house in April 2012 and had so much renovation work to do that we only managed to get around to decorating Miss E’s bedroom in the last few weeks.

As she turned two at the end of January this year, and has been out of nappies since the end of last year, we thought what better time to make the transition from cot to big girl bed than when she has a newly decorated big girl bedroom to move into.

When thinking about how to decorate her new room, I wanted something that wasn’t too babyish but also not too grown up… Something she could live in and enjoy for a few years. I wanted it to be bright & cheerful, super pretty and hopefully a little bit magical. Miss E loves the outdoors and nature so I wanted to try and recreate some of this in her special space.

I saw the most amazing wallpaper a while ago, designed by Quentin Blake for Osborne & Little… and have had it stored in my ‘for later’ bank ever since. Because the pattern is so bold, to paper just one wall was perfect {didn’t want to traumatise the poor girl by inducing trippy nightmares}.


For the other walls I settled on Dulux Blue Reflection {an endurance paint that is washable… hopefully we won’t need to put this to the test, although I’m sure at some point we most probably will!} and on the largest wall, painted Silver Birches in undercoat for a matt finish.


To pick out the colours from the wallpaper, I bought a bright pink light shade from Ikea, and a set of three honeycomb paper balls from Papermash.


We had the purple curtains already, so to tie them in with the new scheme, I simply added the bright pink bands across the bottom. The Mr knocked out the hideous built in wardrobes and {along with chippy mate} built in some new mirrored sliding wardrobe doors and recessed shelving so I also painted the inside of the four recess shelves in each of the four accent colours.


For finishing touches, I used bits of the wallpaper off cuts to make some bunting to hang over the mirrored wardrobe and my incredibly talented and creative sister-in-law made Miss E some beautiful paper bird boxes.


The little bit of magic, was injected via the fairy door. A dolls house door, glossed and personalised with house number and tiny door knob!


I have spent hours in the woods looking for fairy doors with my amazing little girl… What could be more magical than her very own portal to fairyland. But remember Lil Miss, the fairies only come out when you’re sleeping… and they sprinkle their fairy dust all around you and your big girl bed to make sure all your dreams are the sweetest they can be.

Do you like butterflies?

Little Miss E has been on pretty good form this week so though I’d share a few of the good ones with you on this weeks Wot So Funee linky uppy with the very funny Actually Mummy and some other lovely ladies,
go have a look. Go on… you know you want to.

Wot So Funee?

Miss E ‘Mummy, do you like butterflies?’
Me ‘I love butterflies, they’re beautiful…do you like butterflies?’
Miss E ‘I love *looks thoughtful* Trees… And… Bins… And… Pavements… And… And… And… And… Daddy… And Fred… And Mummy… And bins, and trees and butterflies… And discos

Miss E *sings* Humpy dumpy sat on a wall
Humpy dumpy had a great fall
All the kings… Men and kings horses
The kings men…
Put Humpty’s leg on his head

*Miss E wants to play skittles with mummy and nanny, runs off to grab the bag, runs back in and says*
‘come on girls, I’m getting em out!’

That’s just weird

What started as a wholesome family activity one sunny Saturday afternoon* with an enthusiastically proposed¬†‘Let’s make some jam tarts!’


Turned into something rather less ‘enjoyable hour of family fun’ and more ‘gigantic sticky pain in the ass’.

Being an overdramatic, pre-menstrual witch on said sunny Saturday** probably didn’t stand me in good stead; when after carefully guiding Miss E’s gloriously chubby digits, and the spoonfuls of delightfully sugery fruit preserve*** into the precisely rolled and lovingly cut cases of pastry; mummy managed to fling the entire tray full onto the kitchen floor, just inches away from their preheated destiny.

Despite the red mist, photographic evidence was of course required, so photo moment there was.


Days later when Miss E pipes up ‘What mummy do?’

I looked at her with a furrowed brow ‘when sweetheart, what do you mean?’

‘On the kitchen floor’ she replies

‘Oh’ said mummy ‘mummy dropped the jam tarts on the floor didn’t I!’

Cue Miss E’s confused face ‘no, after that’

‘I don’t know what you mean darling’

‘Why you take a picture?’

Mummy laughs ‘Oh! Because it was funny****’

Miss E’s wise response … ‘Thats just weird’ {toddles off confounded}

*an hours worth of something, anything, to distract the tiring two year old from her 3pm breakdown
**said with a big cheesy smile and a glint in my eye
***after she’d tried to shove her fingers in and scoop handfuls of the irresistable sticky stuff to thrust into her tiny chops at the speed of light
****for three seconds

Eeek, this is my first linky uppy with a blog hopping type thing a majig… Fingers crossed it works.

Right, I’m off to check out this weeks other funee’s, you coming?!

Wot So Funee?

Me, naughty?!

Picture, if you will… a heartwarming, an endearing scene… Mother and daughter, lay on the bed chattering away, laughing and smiling, simply whiling away the time.

*suddenly, excitement turns to kicking from the small one*

Me: “please don’t kick mummy sweetheart, it hurts”

*she kicks again*

Me: “Miss E, mummy has asked you not to kick me because it hurts, if you do it again I will sit you in the naughty corner”

*she kicks again*

*off we go to the naughty corner*

Me: “mummy asked you twice not to kick and you carried on so you can sit here for two minutes and think about what you did”

Miss E: “ok mummy”

*two minutes of silence pass*

Me: “mummy sat you in the naughty corner because you carried on kicking after I asked you to stop. Do you have something to say to me?”

Miss E: “sorry mummy”

*gives me a kiss and a cuddle*

*after chattering to her teddies for a moment she toddles of and sits back in the naughty corner*

Me: “what are you doing sweetheart?”

Miss E: “sit naughty corner, kicking mummy”

Me: “but you have said sorry now so you don’t need to sit there any more”

*toddles over, kicks me, then runs back and sits the naughty corner*

Feckin Super Nanny

Me Naughty

Happy Talk

Love you

Hearing my baby girl declare ‘Loorlu’, has for the last 12 months or so, been the one thing guaranteed to make my heart sing. Today, I was presented with the much more grown up {admittedly however, equally as powerful}, very clearly pronounced… ‘love you mummy’.

I have spent every moment since Miss E entered the world 2 years and 12 days ago {who’s counting?} getting excited about the things to come.

‘When will she be able to roll over?’

‘I can’t wait to hear her laugh’

‘I wonder what her voice will sound like’

‘Come on E, walk to mummy’

‘Can you say mama?’

And surely this excitement is natural? We all want our children to develop well, meet their milestones at the appropriate times, to teach them as much as we can about the world around them and everything within it. But do we risk forgetting about all the little things that have passed, once the next big milestone has been reached?

I have been emailing Miss E periodically over the last two years, and intend to continue this, well, until forever I guess. As much for my memories as for hers. She has changed so much in her short little life so far, and I am so excited to see what kind of young woman she will turn into, but equally as keen to remember all her little quirks, her stumbles and the way she corrects herself as she carves her way through childhood.

I am sure there will be a thousand little things that will pass by with nothing but the whisper of a smile in the history of time to record the moment, but some special ones, like ‘loorlu mummy’, will be forever etched into my heart {as well as the global blogosphere!}

What about your small people? Are there any quirks they have/had, that you never want to forget?

Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu!

So yesterday I was awoken by a… TWO year old!

My baby girl disappeared over night and was replaced by an uber grown up small person, with wit sharp enough to slice a room in two.

We came down to paper chains hanging, a sea of balloons and of course, a present or two!

With a carpet of a few inches of compacted snow already laid, and a steady stream still falling, we were worried that some of our family may not make it to the birthday tea party we had planned for mid morning. But, despite Old Jack Frost’s best efforts, everyone made it to drop of cards, presents and huge birthday hugs and kisses.


Most people managed to stay for a spot of super healthy* party food and a slice of birthday cake {pretty feckin amazing birthday cake even if I do say so myself**}


Following a refuel, it was time to crack on with exploring the new toys. Play Doh seemed to be a pretty popular present for this birthday, with loads of tubs and a bucket full of accessories to go with it! Great fun until it comes to picking all the bits out the crevices before it goes crusty, or gets trodden into the carpet {joys of parenthood eh!}


Once the troops had departed, layered up to the hilt and armed with shovels to dig cars out of the relentlessly falling snow, it was time to get knee deep in the sparkly white stuff…




The piece de resistance was the Mr’s snow creation, the all time toddler favourite*** none other than… Mr. Iggle. Piggle.****


Happy 2nd Birthday, my beautiful {not so} baby girl. Here’s to another year of laughter, smiles and moments of amazement.

* if you don’t count the pizza & sausage rolls
** had visions of a crumbled pile of E numbers
*** second to Peppa Pig obv.
**** although when night fell, more closely resembled Texas Chainsaw’s Leather Face {shudder}